Survey-Led News

We work hard to help you with survey tools and their distribution

Want to know what 90% of your potential clients want? Or what 70% of them do? So do national news sites like The BBC and The Daily Mail and shows like This Morning.

Survey-led news is always hot – the press and consumers will always want to know what the majority, or minority, are interested in. The popularity of infographics, which can display vast numbers of statistics clearly and informatively, means that surveys are in high demand with media looking to grab attention. Surveys are also editorial-friendly, making them a favourite of newspapers, magazines and websites. We work hard to help you conceive, carry out and interpret surveys with a means to distribute and pitch-in the final statistics to relevant contacts at national and specialist press.

“The key thing about the PR Room is that they know the IT sector – that is, they know what each brand covers and who to contact. That’s because it’s a focused PR agency filled with, from my experience, very good people. It sounds like a simple recipe for success and it is, but very few get it so right.” – Tim Danton, Editorial Director – Dennis Technology

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