Press Releases

We know a fantastic press release can make or break a good pitch

Whether you want your latest product to be featured on the pages of Gizmodo within an hour of releasing the details, or on the homepage of TechRadar, we have the copywriting skills, contacts and innovative approach to get you the exclusives and coverage your brand craves.

We know you want your business to be featured in the hottest press and on the biggest websites. We know you want your product or service to be talked about by the most influential media. And we know that a fantastic press release can make or break a good pitch.

So we work hard to make sure our lifestyle and technology press releases are tailored to each individual contact, and go the extra mile to persuade them that your product is worth the coverage. Just have a look at some quotes from our press contacts, who rave about our personalised and innovative approach to press releases. If you want your media press release to stand out in the busy inbox of a journalist, speak to The PR Room about our press release services.

They’re one of the most efficient and targeted PR agencies we have the pleasure of dealing with. The bigger agencies could learn a lot from the way they operate. They’re a class act.” – Michael Brook, Ed Director, Mediablaze. Former Editor of T3

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