Online PR

We’ve developed strong, long-term relationships with the tech press industry

Whether you want to see your brand mentioned in the headlines of Mashable or TechRadar, or want to be mentioned by Martin Lewis on MoneySavingExpert as a site to visit, we can connect your business with our web-savvy press contacts.

With the world of online press constantly growing, and businesses constantly starting online, online PR (also known as digital PR) has never been so important. We work hard to create an online PR strategy for your business that will make your product or service stand out in a competitive market. We’ve developed strong, long-term working relationships with the tech press industry, and work hard to tailor each press release and each press day to the individual journalist, blogger or influencer. We know a high quality online PR campaign is as important to a new start up as it is to a global leader.

If you want someone to help you with your online PR, SEO and social media, and to enhance your online reputation, get in touch!

Many PRs often don’t think before they pick up the phone. With The PR Room you have a company that is not only ultra-efficient in ensuring you get the products and releases when you need them, but is also sensitive to your requirements too.” – Ashley Norris, Director, Shiny Media

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