Media & Influencer Relations

We know that journalists are not the only influencers

Celebrities and industry influencers can be the main drive behind a sales spike. If Rihanna is seen snapping her latest outfits with a new app, you can guarantee downloads of that app will go through the roof. A tweet from someone influential (like Pete Cashmore or Stephen Fry) or a blog post on a high traffic blog can bring in just as much traffic and sales, if not more, as a well-placed article.

The bottom line is we know that journalists are not the only influencers. This is why we work on online public relations and building relationships with a wide variety of contacts to offer our clients a PR Service based on a well-rounded variety of media and influencer relations.

The PR Room is one of the best agencies I’ve had the pleasure of working with… In TV, our deadlines can change at the drop of a hat very late in the day, but The PR Room makes our jobs easier by constantly delivering.” – Dionne South, Producer, The Gadget Show

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