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We make sure it’s YOUR products they’re seeing!

Consumer Tech Pr

Whether it’s Little Mix video blogging their tour with your latest video camera or seeing your hero kitchen appliance get an A* in a Good Housekeeping review read by thousands, we know that consumers are driven by celebrity culture and what they read in the press — so we make sure it’s YOUR products they’re seeing.

“The PR Room really makes the effort to find out about the type of stories your publication is looking for, and is always coming up with interesting angles and products. That’s a rare quality in PR.” — Ashley Norris, Director, Shiny Media

When a consumer is looking for a new smartphone, tablet computer, kitchen appliance or beauty gadget, their first stop is often to check out the product reviews in magazines like Stuff, newspapers like The Guardian, blogs like Gizmodo and TV shows like The Gadget Show. As one of the top technology PR agencies, we work hard to make sure your product makes it into the pages of your favourite glossy magazine, into the hands of the research team on This Morning or to a celebrity PR. Our dedicated team of consumer tech PRs know how to promote your product to get the best coverage and how to approach a PR campaign with something exciting and innovative. Our main drive is to get your product the attention it deserves.

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