At The PR Room, we know that the software market is jam-packed with new products, which is why we want to give you the edge with our software PR services. Whether you have a piece of software for business or you want someone to deal with your video game press releases, we know who to contact and how to convince them that your product deserves a prime spot.

Our experience in technology PR and our creative ideas has earned us a great reputation with both our technology clients and the tech press.

“You can sum up the services offered by The PR Room in one crisp sentence. They get the job done. The folks at The PR Room always stay in touch and keep me informed about what’s going on when I’m working with them on a project, which means I can relax, knowing they’ll do what they say, when they say, without having to be prodded as we reach the deadline. The PR Room is very efficient too. If I email someone who’s out of the office for a while, another operative picks it up and deals with it, which is refreshing when compared to other (often bigger) organisations who leave the email unactioned until the person in question returns. Perhaps most importantly, folks at The PR Room are not afraid to say ‘no’. PR representatives who promise the impossible and fail to deliver are the bane of every journalist’s life, but the team will always tell you if something can’t be achieved within the necessary timescale, which helps no end when organising features and reviews.” – Ian Osborne, Reviews editor, MacFormat magazine

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