Want to see your gadgets in the hands of Ed Sheeran or featured on The Gadget Show? Or maybe in the glossy pages of T3? We’ll make sure your products get the maximum exposure, and in turn increase your sales.

These days, our lives are filled with gadgets. Gadgets to make our lives easier, faster and more fun! It’s a tough market to enter, whether you want someone to do PR for a current product or a new launch. We know how to make your gadget stand out as an essential purchase.

If you’re browsing PR companies for gadgets and you’ve arrived at our page, you might want to check out some rave reviews about marketing gadgets from our clients, and our technology press contacts.

“The PR Room is one of the best agencies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Why? They’re always cheery, helpful, understand and appreciate deadlines AND don’t send unnecessarily emails with products useless to the programme and just clog up your inbox with oversized JPGs! In TV, our deadlines can change at the drop of a hat very late in the day, but The PR Room makes our jobs easier by constantly delivering. If they say they will do something, they do it! This in my book puts them at the top of the list!” – Dionne South, Producer, The Gadget Show

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