SkobblerBerlin-based skobbler is known for its exciting and innovative navigation software for mobile phone platforms, and has been building this reputation since 2008. The company creates smart OpenStreetMap based products for mobile devices, focusing on iOS and Android-based devices.

The Challenge:

skobbler approached The PR Room with the first free, turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone. They approached The PR Room based on the experience and knowledge that had been demonstrated on campaigns for other leading GPS and Apple accessory brands. skobbler recognised that The PR Room had excellent established relationships with skobbler’s core media (Mass Consumer, IT, GPS, Apple Specialist, Mobile and Motoring), as well as journalists throughout vertical media sectors.

skobbler wanted The PR Room to create and implement a PR strategy which would successfully launch the  brand as an expert in location-based services and its satnav app as ‘The future of satnav’.

The key objectives of the skobbler PR campaign were to establish brand recognition, create volume app downloads and generate positive coverage across a wide media landscape.

Our Work:

We launched the ‘The future of satnav’ campaign. Our PR campaign for skobbler involved the following:

  • skobbler satnav app reviews were secured with the most influential Technology, Apple specialist, GPS, Men’s and Women’s lifestyle, Mobile and Motoring media.
  •  The skobbler ‘future of satnav’ concept was pitched to all relevant  Apple, App, Travel, Navigation and ‘App of the day/week’ features to increase visibility, coverage and app downloads.
  •  Key influential tweeters were researched and contacted. Free satnav app downloads were provided to encourage endorsements and tweets to key audiences.
  •  A series of skobbler competitions with key influencers and their social media channels were launch in order to create brand awareness to key audiences and for maximum outreach.
  •  Product/brand placement opportunities on leading TVs programs were researched.
  •  A survey-led news program was launched in order to generate additional headline grabbing content. The story, ‘Outdate sat nav maps are driving us around the bend’ would gain widespread coverage throughout mainstream consumer press.
  •  skobbler was promoted to leading GPS business press via company profiles and interviews to attract new business partners on a global scale.
  •  App download success stories such as ‘skobbler GPS Navigation 2 exceeds 100,000 UK downloads in one day’ were released to underline skobbler’s position as a leading developer of map-based products for iOS.

PR Results Achieved:

As a result of our satnav PR Campaign for skobbler, we achieved the following:

In our first year of working with skobbler, we saw the following results:

  • 250,000 iOS downloads in first two months of launch
  • Top 10 of all free Apple apps
  • No.1 Navigation app (Free)
  • No.1 Navigation app (Paid)

In our second year of working with skobbler (October 2011 – to date), we’re proud to say that we helped the brand achieve the following:

  • 100,000 downloads in one day (+ an additional 100,000 over the following two days) following national newspaper coverage
  • 2.5 million iOS customers to date
  • No.1 of all free apps
  • No.10 of all paid apps
  • Currently maintaining a top 15 position of all paid apps
  • Currently maintaining a top 20 position of all top grossing apps
  • No. 1 Navigation app (Paid)

Media coverage highlights include:

  • skobbler appeared on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, in an episode where contestants had to develop and launch a mobile app – and pitch it to influential blogs and media outlets TechCrunch, Pocket-Lint and Wired in order to obtain media coverage and downloads.
  • Regular coverage in the Telegraph, The Sun, The Times and The Guardian as either ‘App of the Day’, ’App of the Week’ or as a ‘Top Travel App’.
  • Priceless exposure from leading technology blogs Gizmodo, Pocket-Lint and TechCrunch.
  • Regular coverage from tech, lifestyle and mobile media such as Know Your Mobile, MacWorld, Mac Format, MSN, Tap!, PC Advisor, Smartphone Essentials, Stuff, T3, Tech Radar,  The Register and What Mobile – to name just a few.
  • Stories from our skobbler survey-les news story ‘Outdated sat nav maps are driving us around the bend’ were published  by leading broadsheets including the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Daily Express, The Independent and the Daily Star.

We’ve also had some priceless comments and coverage from the following media outlets:

Guardian – “Should you download it? Definitely.”

Stuff – “skobbler beats Google Maps Nav to iPhone”

 T3 – “skobbler 3.0 iPhone app takes on Google Maps Navigation”

Auto Express – “Free Navi the way forward” 

Smartphone Essentials – “skobbler provides the full, free, sat nav experience on the iPhone” 

Mail on Sunday – “This sat-nav has been the best-seller in Germany – which is understandable” 

MacFormat – “Turn your iPhone into a sat nav – without spending a penny!”

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