Get Meat Smart This Summer With MEATER BBQ Bundles

No matter which meat you throw on the flames this BBQ season, the ultimate wireless meat thermometer will ensure it is succulent and safe to eat.

Leicester, 14th May 2020 Whether you prefer a rustic fire pit or a modern BBQ to cook your meat al fresco, you can benefit from a helping high-tech hand to ensure your open-air culinary endeavors are successful. The MEATER+ wireless meat thermometer takes the guess work out of BBQing to perfection.

The MEATER+ is simple to setup, simple to use and wireless. It provides a smart guided cook system which will ensure satisfying, safe-to eat results every time and can be used with a large selection of meats, from salmon to a suckling pig. So why not ditch the sausages and burgers this summer and expand your BBQing repertoire.

When you’re BBQing for others, the ‘steaks are usually high’ to present perfect meat. There is always a bit of rivalry between wannabe BBQ chefs, and even the most novice indoor cook suddenly believes they can become a pit master. However, the reality is that cooking meat on coals, wood or gas can be tricky. Using the MEATER+ meat thermometer:

This feature-rich meat thermometer even lets you kick back and relax while your meat is cooking, or why not get on with the gardening or play games with the kids. MEATER+ provides estimated cooking times, monitors your meat whilst cooking, sends you alerts, and lets you know when your meat is cooked to perfection and ready to enjoy. Simply connect your MEATER+ to any smartphone or tablet to make use of MEATER’s patented smart technology.

Cooking on coals, wood or gas promises fresher food that evokes all your senses. Sight, smell, sound and taste are all entertained. Let MEATER+ step in to eliminate the need to touch, and help you to achieve mouth-watering, succulent, safe results each and every time! And if the good ol’ British weather scuppers your outdoor cooking endeavours – no problem! Use MEATER+ in the oven for perfectly cooked indoor meat recipes.

MEATER has celebrated over one million cooks from its users, and numbers continue to grow every day.

To celebrate BBQ season, MEATER have introduced two new BBQ bundles, available from MEATER:

MEATER+ and Bar Blade – discounted price at £104

MEATER Block, Mitts and Bar Blade – discounted price at £294



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